Thursday, March 31, 2011

461 Days Out

Traveling has always been my passion, and I have spent much of my life daydreaming about roaming this great big world. Daydreaming, as fun as it is, has left me hungry STARVING for something more. As time continues to go by, one question nags at me... what am I waiting for?

Money? Time off work? Retirement? The right companion?

Recently reading, "Vagabonding," by Rolf Potts, I have begun to realize that the key to travel for extended periods of time is simply... planning. Knowing what you want is half the battle.

I know that I want to give my daughters the opportunity to explore this world for all that it has to offer. Traveling does not have to wait until I retire. With this in mind, I am setting my plan into motion.

My Goal

I am challenging myself to SIMPLIFY my life by MINIMIZING the build up. Clearing out the clutter. Getting myself closer to God in the process.

In doing so, I am planning to take my daughters (ages 10 and 7) on a 6 week tour through Europe, beginning July 4, 2012. This grants me 461 days to plan the experience financially, mentally, physically, and ensure that we are well educated on all of our surrounding areas before we embark on our journey.

My hope is that the 6 week period will be such a success, that within 3 years following, I will be able to take them on a year long journey of a lifetime.