Tuesday, April 5, 2011

457 Days Out- Things I do not need....

In Simplifying I have started looking around the house at all the obvious things that are serving no purpose in my life anymore... you would be amazed at how much stuff accumulates.

Text books- I have 3 years worth of recently finished college classes text books that I no longer need (let's be honest they probably didn't get as much use when I was in the class... let alone now). Recently checking out Amazon I noticed there are OODLES (that's a lot) of books that they buy back. Of course it is no where near what I paid for them, but it's more than they're earning me now.

Clothes- In the last year I have changed clothes sizes mmmmm.... nearly every 2-4 months.... which means I have a closet full of wonderful pieces that no longer fit me. Using sites like eBay and ETSY I can sell them without ever having to go anywhere but the post office. 

I am still looking for other things that are not needs in my life, but these are two of the most obvious in my home. I would love to hear your ideas, what you have done to clean out clutter and items you have sold to simplify your lifestyle.

Keeping focus on our goal makes it easier to realize how much "STUFF" I have... and how much "STUFF" I really don't need.

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  1. When we moved to NC from AL, and to the UK, we sold a bunch of things (extra pots/pans, dishes, jewelry, gold, clothes, knick knacks --yes even my treasured Precious Moments, except for those few special ones.....small appliances that make life easier at times but are not necessary....linens/towels...we had way too many...home decor ( you know how you have one theme but then change but keep the old "just in case"?) LOL

    Good luck honey!