Monday, April 4, 2011

458 Days Out- Kids Backpack Review

We need gear!!

Reviewing backpacks for our 6 week stay in Europe I have encountered a few for the girls that I think will work wonderfully.

Learning what gear we need is going to take some research, but there are some facts we already know:

We know that we will be around civilization over there (we're not dropping out into the middle of the desert and want to take as much survival gear possible).

Drinking water is not an issue, so we do not have to be able to carry gallons of water. The same with food, snacks and small meals we can carry, but no need for much more than that.

It's important that we have the clothing we need with us to make the trip comfortable and happy (because there are two kids making this trip as well, some things cannot be given up).

Considering they will be carrying all of their own gear, I want them to be comfortable, light, and sturdy bags. The more happy the kids are with the weight and fit, the better our trip will be overall.

The Osprey Jib 35 backpack weighs only 3lbs 3 oz. and carries 2100 cubic inches. This bag runs roughly $130.00 bucks.

The Deuter Fox 40 Pack  weighs in slightly less at a 2lbs 14oz and  carries 2450 cubic inches. This bag runs around $110.00.

If you have a great backpack for your kids, please feel free to let me know what you've found and what is working for you!

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