Friday, April 1, 2011

460 Days Out

One of the perks of planning a trip that is still a year away, is the research into different locations history, language, cuisine, and culture that I get to do between now and then.

Planning to use the Eurail as our main form of transportation once we arrive I have begun making a list of prospective places to visit. Our flights will be one of the main expenses for this trip, so I intend to select our entry point for Europe based on cost and then make a not so perfect loop thru Europe, zigzagging our way around until we get back to our starting point.

The places I currently have on the radar are: Dublin, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Krakow, Prague, Pamplona (the running of the bulls will be going on when we are over there, what a treat!), Zurich, Paris, Nice, Budapest, Austria, Greece, and Romania.

How I am trimming down the budget from the beginning.

One of my biggest splurges with the girls is eating out. We dine out anywhere from 3-4 times a week, not to mention how often I eat out for lunch with co-workers. In order to prevent us from going stir crazy and feeling that it isn't worth it, I am cutting this down to half. No more than 2 nights out with the girls, and since I can personally handle a little more sacrifice than the girls for this cause, once a week with co-workers.

Cable is the next thing on my list to go. We rarely watch television as it is. It's a waste of money in our household. Getting rid of all the waste, is the first step for us right now.

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